Jetzt Buchen

A collaboration between work and life

Fisherman’s camp draws from its past and the fishing village that used to inhabit this spot andHeath Ceramics is a historic maker of ceramic dinnerware and tile that continues to evolve its legacy since its founding in 1948. Core values of both build with the intention to last and get better with time. This spirit of is led by Catherine Bailey and Robin Petravic, owners of Heath and this project, making the crossover of ideas, qualities, and inspirations no accident - philosophies that start at Heath manifest themselves in projects like Fisherman’s Camp and vice versa. Concepts are explored, colors are inspired, ideas for living simply in today’s world are refined and an environment both natural and manmade is woven together. You can find many of the newer objects that have been integrated into the project on the Heath Ceramics website. A core philosophy of the project brings together objects old and new which get better and more beautiful over time - always a place that’s evolving while staying connected with its past.