Part Creative Project, Part Retreat

We like things that are old and classic, things that are worth saving, have gotten worn in over time and have a story to tell. Things that age well and speak to us with a basic simplicity to help us disconnect from the modern world. Fisherman’s Camp is our quiet retreat on the shores of Tomales Bay - with a hell of a view. While most houses on the bay sit right over the water, this property sits on ⅓ of an acre of waterside land with its own beach and deep water dock. We call it a “camp” because we wanted to create a place to gather with friends and family. Still a work in progress, there is a small single story house dating back to 1917, two Spartanette trailers (one built in 1948 and the other in 1951), a vegetable garden and greenhouse, and several sheds that we use as workshops or to store kayaking and fishing gear. You can be together, or you can be apart.

It's simple and a mix of modernized and rustic. Halfway between camping and being cozy in your nicely furnished home. Basic Needs, with some of the Wants. We like it that way, though we know it's not for everyone. No TV’s, and the WiFi is just good enough. Here, Youtube is mostly used to fix old things like the thermostat knob on the 1947 refrigerator ( 5 times!) or the water pump.

There’s always a warm jacket on a coat hook by the door because there’s always a reason to go outside. What we love about the layout of this place - checking the garden gate before bedtime makes you walk under the stars, feel the mist coming over the water, and hear the barking of seals.

A place and project.